The #1 Reason Positive Thinking Doesn’t Work

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Learn The #1 Reason Positive Thinking Doesn’t Work

Any guesses…

When a person tries to change, they often start with positive thinking, they read all this positive stuff on the internet and they start saying positive matures and they would start to visualize positive things, their life is so full of positivity.

Now, does this positive thinking work? No.

You have 60,000 to 70,000 thoughts per day, and 95% of these thoughts are the exact same thoughts from the day before.

You’re automatically condition to the same behaviors and feelings and habits each day

You try and change with positive thinking, but the problem is you’re only using the 5% of your conscious mind and you’re trying to change the 95% of your unconscious mind.

Now remember, the 95% of your unconscious mind makes up who you are, you have 5% working against the 95%.

It’s like going to play a hockey game and your only player is the goalie, you see, those thoughts will just become stuck, they never make it into the body, and your body is conditioned to do the same thing, even worse, it’s conditioned to your past, so your body is automatically directing you.

No matter how hard you try, no matter how hard you think positive, your body and your conscious mind, bring you back to that exact same place as you were before, those old habits and behaviors just keep repeating themselves. This is exactly why positive thinking does not work.

You will never create deep level transformation and this is a major reason why people don’t succeed.

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shane jeremy james working on mindset techniques
Shane Jeremy James working on mindset techniques

Does putting out positive quotes on the internet really help?

They never make a deep level change or transformation… But it does help to put good positive energy into the universe, so it doesn’t hurt, but does it really help people… Not really, it does create good energy.

So, you now understand the #1 reason why positive thinking doesn’t work.

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