Shane Jeremy James – Building a Systematical People First Business

Scaling a business is a hot topic –

However, it’s a thing most entrepreneurs get wrong.

If you’re a small business owner that wants to scale your business (or wants to save time and money) then you can’t afford to miss this.

Also, we’ve discovered the leading trend of 2020 that allows every small business to create more productivity, efficiency and operate 100% better than their competitors.

This video shows you how to scale a business in a brand new way. Hint: It’s called a Systematical People First Business…

And it’s how we got to 500k in one and a half years…

I share practical strategies to handle problems in your business today + personal stories of the crazy up and down ride I’ve had to date. (Like the time I just about went bankrupt)

Enjoy the video here:

Note: why is this video not a 10 minute video? because it can shortcut your business results and save you over $100,000 in the process.
0:00: Intro
4:00: Picking trends
6:45: Acquiring a 100 million dollar mentor
9:30: Why your failing and getting ripped off
10:42: The two things to scale a business
11:30: Traditional businesses are built like this
12:38: The biggest trend in 2020
13:35: Baro goes to 15 million in a year and half (from building this type of business)
14:36: How amazon scaled (from building this type of business)
15:40: Kelsey Ramsden Forbes 45 million dollar woman
16:48: What caused us to fail
21:32: Kevin O’Leary from the Shark Tank does this
22:50: Why your business is a commodity and how to turn it into a unique business
25:01: How to beat the competition no matter how small you are
25:30: How to become the best operator of your business
26:59: The Secrets of 100 million dollar companies
29:17: Advice I received from a 4 billion-dollar CEO
30:40: How to put your business on steroids
34:38: Getting your business to 80 to 90% more profit
35:21: Why thinking like a marketer is screwing up your business
36:57: The fastest way to stand out in a crowded market
38:03: How can Magic Castle be one of the top rated hotels in L.A.?
39:52: 80% of business owners think they give a good customer experience and only 8% of customer think they do (what to do about it)
40:44: Why Zappos sold for a billion dollars
41:40: Don’t be this type of business owner or you will fail
42:08: This mistake will ruin your business (we did it)
44:38 How we cut our marketing spend down by 60% and crushed our competitors
47:29: Why customer experience and employee experience is a hidden opportunity
48:30: How we turned a $25 gift certificate into $20,000
51:14: The only way to gain the competitive advantage
51:34: Why people first leadership is modern day leadership and your key to bigger business growth (most leadership stuff is outdated)
53:21: The 3 most important area’s to build as a people first modern day business leader
55:58: The best new skill set to learn or hire on is social engagement (60% of sales will happen here)
58:05: The Systematical People First Training System

Building a Systematic People First Business

Building a lasting company by shifting your focus from profits to people is key. The most human centered company will win. Building systems and process that will improve the livelihoods of customers, employees and business relationships will be your competitive advantage in the marketplace.

We act on this philosophy daily.

It’s about building a company that everyone admires. Massive profit will be your end result. But your focus must be different. When building a systematic people first business you are investing in long term relationships. Business is about emotions and relationships and yet very few businesses are built on this premise.

It’s crucial to Implement systems and processes that allow you to build a brand that lasts for decades. You are building something completely different from all your competitors. Most business leaders do not realize they are not working toward longevity. However, building this type of business secures your livelihood.

Should you have competitors that use a systematic people-first process they will quickly surpass you. Case study after case study have revealed this to be the future of building business.

Perception In The Marketplace

A business grows from perception in the marketplace and the reputation the business holds. Using the systems we provide, will give you a 100% higher perceived value in the marketplace. In order to succeed in business and differentiate yourself form competitors, you do not have to be 1000% better at one thing, you have to be 1% better at 1000 things!

The majority of businesses fail to be visible because they do not engage in operations that will differentiate their brands. They simply do what everyone else does, content with scraping by and ignoring the scary proposition of taking a risk.

One of the main areas of focus of our system is to ensure that you stand out and are seen! It sets you up to have 100% differentiation in the market place for your business. This process will enable you to become one of the most admired and trusted brands in your industry which in turn will set you apart as one of the most admired leaders and CEO in all businesses and industries.

Building Systems, Measuring and Numbers

We focus on high end systems that matter the most. If you use a systematic approach, you will receive a constant stream of information highlighting areas that need to be improved and you will begin to understand and forecast the unmet needs of customers. A business system is designed to give you effective, efficient and repeatable results. In short, the business system gives you a protocol to fix your processes. A business that is built on systems allows you to scale. Creating measurable numbers that allow for exponential growth. No matter what stage of business you are at, or what you want to do to get better, creating quality systems and processes is the only solution. There is no other way.

Business systems turn your business into a money making machine because they enable you to leverage your time, your effort, your knowledge and your money. Effective business systems pay for themselves over and over again. Turn your entire business into a self-running machine that provides consistent results day after day, even when you’re not around. Let someone manage the business, franchise it or sell it for top dollar. The true value and selling potential of your company is found in the maturity of its systems and processes – their ability to consistently produce desired results.

Understanding How your Business Must Operate

Trying to build a business and lead an organization without measuring is crazy. Measurement is the gap between where we think we are and where we need to be. Every important thing must be measured.

You will receive complete tracking systems

Looking at your projections each month
Understanding the numbers
Measuring customer happiness
Measuring employee happiness (we created a 90 red flag system)
lifetime customer value
churn rate (retention)
sales numbers
profit and loss
marketing expenses
pipeline numbers (potential new customers)
profit per customer
customer acquisition costs
gross profit margin
customer service satisfaction; all of these need to be proactively and consistently measured

Without accountability and without consistently measuring your business you will never create sustainable growth. You will never create viability. We have built the systems for you that will allow you to obtain sustainable growth, save time, save money and help your business run much more efficiently. Effective systems create momentum. Systems help you make the best possible decisions. Systems put the odds in your favour over your competitors. Motivation comes and go, systems stay.

Building a People First Culture

The way you build the biggest company is to build the best culture. 95% of business owners fail to take the time to build their culture, only to come to the painful realization that culture is their competitive advantage and has a massive impact on the profit and growth of the business.

In order to flourish these are steps that are non-negotiable:

Building a people-first culture
How to not create another cookie-cutter culture and create your own sustainable one
Discovering your purpose and core values
How to implement a people-first culture
How to commit and drive your company cores values through your entire organization
Use our unique system and tactical people-first culture mindset shifts that will allow you to build a brand that last for decades
Create a culture playbook
Getting a people-first mindset right
A unique system to build and maintain relationships (40% more sales can happen from this)

Even if you have a great culture you need to keep improving it. Even if you’re a one-person business you need to build a culture. Building the right values and principles (this creates a very dangerous company to compete with).

The People First Customer Experience Method

80% of companies believe they deliver superior experiences, only 8% of customer agree (do the math on that!).

In order to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction, you must follow our unique system:
Build trust into every customer touch point along the journey
Take a customer from customer service to customer experience
Customer experience management: The way you engage with a customer is a talent and one of the most important skill sets you must understand
Create a unique customer experience: The businesses of the future and the ones that will dominate their competitors are memory makers (Follow our memory making system)
Majority of small business have not connected the employee experience with the customer experience (This is a real hidden niche to add value)
Customer life-time value: Tools to value loyalty. When a customer become an advocate for your business, they become an extension of your sales and marketing
Building the people-first marketing process. (2/3rds of your sales will come from this)
Mapping the customer journey
The category of customers: a system that takes care of the different level of customer such as VIP, first time buyer, 60 days with us and so on

Retention: A system to keep customer loyalty sky high

Measuring customer’s happiness
Procedures for customer compliments
Procedures for great customer service
Procedures to proactively mitigate and manage potential customer concerns/complaints

Maintain, Obtain Referrals, Up-Selling, Innovative Development

A system to maintain the customer relationship and develop it (without this you’re not going to scale).
Referral system: 70 different referral processes. A business should have at least 4 to 8 that work constantly around the clock to maximize growth in the business.
Up-sell: A variety of different ways to make more money off the existing customers.
Innovative development: innovate ways to create more revenue and growth.

People First Business Development:

Finding and getting into new markets where your customers are at
How to prioritize and allocate resources to find customers
Relationship systems to keep building your pipeline with new clients
Different ways to prospect
Relationship management systems
25 ways to master the art of networking
Turn strangers into friends who WANT to do business with you
Hiring the perfect person for biz dev or you develop this skill set (doing this properly can build a business very fast)

The People First Selling System

Setting up the pay structure for sales teams
How to recognize, encourage, praise and reward sales people
Breaking down the objections
A system to incentivize your team to bring in more clients
Measuring your sales process daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually
An accountability system to track sales
A follow up system
How to self promote yourself in an ethical way
How to sell using compassion, empathy and vulnerability
Training on closing: the ability to close is the number one skill to grow a business
How to quickly become a top sales person
Sales scripts that work for every industry

People First Negotiations

Are negotiating skills important for small business success? Firm answer, Yes!You have to negotiate everything in your business. This is where small business owners fail very fast. They don’t negotiate how much to pay for their websites, sales copy, social media services, products, staff wages, rent, leases, new carpet, paint, food costs, payment periods, joint ventures, shares, customer price and so on. I am still amazed to this day how many business owners I deal with and 99% of the time I say your paying what? For that? Or you payed that? I have pretty much gotten 50% less for everything I have done compared to other entrepreneurs. Negotiating is selling. And in the end the best negotiations ensure everyone is happy. Whatever you do, you are always negotiating with everyone: your staff, customers, wife, husband or kids.

These skills will be worth millions to you over the years:
Who to trust and not to trust in business
How to negotiate by putting people first
Understanding who has the leverage
The different negotiation strategies (we created these techniques)
The fastest way to get to yes and keep both parties happy
How to negotiate services like digital marketing and social media

People First Leaders System

The most important asset you need to take a company to the next level is talented leaders (its not money). If you become good in this area, you’re an asset to every industry and become a top CEO.
Who are the people worth developing
What to look for in potential leadership development
The process to developing and training leaders
How not to lose great leaders
How to recruit them and develop them
Developing the right values and principles
How to develop your moral values into a leadership style that inspires anyone
How to build the right people first team
Develop the 21st century leadership style (modern day leadership)
Use the footprints of a Mandela and Ghandi to lead your business to millions
Inspire any individual to become part of your solution

The People First Employee System

How to recruit the right talent and keep them around
Emotional onboarding: making employee’s happy
Building strategic initiatives to increase employee engagement
Different employee pay structures
Employee appreciation processes that creates deep loyalty
A system to keep employee loyalty sky-high
Measuring employee happiness
How to give constructive feedback
What to delegate and what not to delegate

People First Social Media

The next generation of social media managers will understand the platforms and have a strong ability to connect with others.
People-first connection breeds conversions: (60% of future sales will come from this)
Social engagement (how to build relationships quickly)
Conversations (how to earn deep level trust)
Understand messengers and how to use this to grow your business
Understand chat bots and how to keep it human centric
Use text messages to generate much more business
People-first community engagement (running your community)

Our simple checklists are one of the fastest ways to increase effectiveness and efficiency in your business. They work best for simple processes that you need to follow daily.