Shane Jeremy James Journey

We’ve all heard the “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” type of stories and think they are pretty farfetched. However, for me, that was in fact, my story. To say I was not the most well-behaved child is not an understatement. As a result, at a young age I was stealing ice cream sandwiches from a local store and re-selling them to other kids. All to try and earn the proverbial dollar. And where most store owners would be livid, this one saw something in me and I owe much of my success to him. In me he saw the spark of an entrepreneurial spirit and instead of demanding retribution he supported the spark he saw. Taking me under his wing, my training began at a young age as he taught me to buy the ice cream in bulk from him and re-sell it with a profit.

From their I started buying bulk boxes of hockey cards and reselling them. Being from Canada, hockey cards were a hot commodity amongst the kids and every kid on the street had a collection and was on the lookout for that one favourite card! If I happened to have someone’s prized card, I could make triple what I sold one card for!

By the time I hit 17 years old, I was going house to house door knocking asking people if I could mow their lawn as a means of income. I just wanted extra money and didn’t even realize that what I was doing was business. But I certainly had an interest in it! Whereas most of my friends were asking for CD’s or games for their birthdays and Christmases, I was asking for subscriptions to entrepreneurial magazines. And, for the next 20 years, that was what my family gave me as presents. To this day, I still have all the copies.

Shane Jeremy James appearing on KITV Hawaii

That’s the level of impact they had on me. At 23, I was going to business college in the day, and running night clubs by night. A friend of mine owned three nightclubs and so we formed a partnership together. The deal was that if I could increase the number of customers and increase business, he would give me ( I would earn) a percentage of the profits. So I formulated my plan. I went to a local modelling agency and hired 30 girls to come in every Thursday. And then I gave them free booze as a perk. Within 30 days, word spread around town that all the beautiful girls were hanging out at our club. With this plan, I was able to drastically increase the number of customers. We went from having roughly 30 people in the club on a given Thursday to having 100-300 which continued to increase until we had over 700 a night and people lining up around the block just to get in. This spilled over to the rest of the weekend and in the end we ended up with the busiest club in town for a 3 year run. Needless to say, my one small plan was a booming success!

From there I happened upon a little franchise out of the US called Curves for Women and brought it up into Canada, creating a business that was in the top 1% of all franchises. The company increased to a 4 billion dollar franchise in the next 10 years with over 10,000 locations. Comparably, it took McDonalds and Subway 25 years to achieve the same result. I had a 12 year run with that before selling the franchise to our manager.

I continued on in the fitness industry and started a personal training business and had 7 trainers working for me, wrote 4 books and created a series of courses in the health and fitness market. Continuing on in this field, I brought a healthy energy drink into Canada (from the US), before energy drinks were even a thing.

However, I didn’t stop there. Always on the lookout for the next big thing, I noticed there was a gap in the digital media space and realized that it was going to be the next big thing as companies started to close their distance and increased their visibility through the internet. This was before most businesses had their pulse on the digital market and were just starting to try and wrap their brain around it. So I created a small digital agency and hit that market running. Through this venture, I helped launch the Eckhart Tolle movie and ran the social media and backend. I continued on and ended up with the opportunity to travel and work with Kevin Harrington, an original on the TV show Shark Tank and inventor of the infomercial. I helped to run many of their different companies, including Kevin’s personal brand, consulted in the business and gained shares in some of their companies.

Shane Jeremy James, Kevin Harrington, Jimmy Jongebloed

I helped consult and train different leaders in the network marketing industry on how to build leaders and create more structure in their businesses. In addition, I have worked with many varied small businesses in a number of crucial areas, highlighting and meeting the needs they have so they can flourish.

I’ve spent more than 20 years study many of these world class leaders and now I am honored to speak, teach and create world change with these world changers.

Despite all of this, I had one driving desire that I was not able to quell. I wanted to make the world better. I wanted to cause a change, a shift in how business was done. I wanted to set a higher standard. And so I started the “Actions of Compassion” movement along with an eco friendly clothing line. With “Actions of Compassion” I have travelled across North America, filming over 65 compassion shows and out of that, was birthed the ‘Live Your T-Shirt’ idea.

This was a method developed to help businesses. But how does compassion and business work together? My goal with “Live Your T-Shirt’ was to create awareness on any number of touch points. First, compassion for the environment. Being eco-friendly, the t-shirts consider and have compassion on the environment. Second, for those less fortunate. The t-shirts inspire others to take a stand and act in ways that show compassion on those less fortunate than ourselves.

Through the ‘Live Your T-Shirt’ concept we put people before profit. In doing so we lead with compassion, empathy and care for another. Building a people first business is what will change the world and unite us together!

From a very small beginning, I was fortunate to reach high altitudes. Working with so many businesses, being honoured to have worked with Kevin Harrington and learn from him, I noticed that many small business owners simply did not understand how to put in place the most important aspects of a business. THAT is why I developed the ‘Live Your T-Shirt’….a systematical, people-first business training.

But when you get right down to the underlying workings of it, it is really quite simple. The truth is…most people do not know or understand how to build business in this new social media driven world we live in. This is evident through any conversation that you would have with a business owner. Ask them how to build business and the answers are all the same….’my facebook presence, my blog, the sales funnel, digital marketing!

This is how to build business! Don’t get me wrong, these are important and key components, but they do not work in and of themselves. And, they don’t build a sustainable business that you can turn around and sell at a profit. But because there is so much ‘hype’ surrounding these ideas, that business owners forget that first, they need a strong and solid foundation built on systems and protocols.

Then, they can delve into some of these topics. The end result is that they spend their hard earned profit in tiny areas that won’t increase business or create something sustainable. All without truly understanding how to establish that solid foundation.

All of this leads to my ‘why.’ The reasoning behind this type of training. The future of business is relationships. Build a business with a people-first mentality that is supported with a process and systems. If we can teach people HOW to do this, we will make the world a better place.

Remember, our company is called Actions of Compassion and through this training, we believe we are living our mandate.

Having compassion for business owners, large or small, that don’t understand the action steps, we come in and support them with the training so they in turn can build a solid business and pay it forward! Compassion for another….people first!

If this sounds like something you want to achieve with your business, then you are at the right place as this is a system that will set the stage to take your business to the next level while you master the most important skills….all while focussing on people first!!

The Actions Of Compassion Brand Has Four different Divisions

The Compassion Movement
To inspire people to act with compassion each day in order to create global change, and spread more awareness across different channels. We lead the charge from working with the homeless, people less fortunate, animal shelters, environmental issues and act with compassion daily. Making compassion our lens.

Eco Friendly Fashion
A clothing line made of sustainable and environmentally friendly material made of 70% bamboo and 30% organic cotton. Made and printed in Canada because we have integrity and care about human rights.

People Before Profit Business Training
Changing businesses for good by helping them build systematic people-first businesses, in order to become the most admired and profitable business in their industry. There is a huge gap in the small business space regarding building systems and processes that improve the livelihoods of customers, employees and business relationships. Once a small business builds systems that put people first and creates unique customer experiences they gain the competitive advantage but more importantly, improve the world.

Business Development
Actions of compassion has a careful selection process. We partner with businesses that align with our mandate of putting people first. Additionally, we will also come alongside existing businesses in order to help them rebrand themselves into a people-first business creating more businesses that put people before profits.