How To Succeed In 2020 With This Business Strategy – Shane Jeremy James

2019 has just ended and it passed by very fast!

What’s your plan for 2020?

Do you have one yet?

Do you know why 95% of business will end up in the same place as 2019 or worse?

My business goal in 2020 is simple.

We want to help 300 businesses create ‘people before profit’ business models under the Actions Of Compassion growing brand!

Resulting in bigger profits than previous.

In fact, we just had 15 of our clients create there 2020 people-first’ plan.

Do you know why 95% of business will end up in the same place as 2019 or worse? Do you want to know why?

Because they don’t have a plan for getting their business to the next level by the end of 2020.

The truth is, if you want to grow your business by 5x,10x or even 30x you have to have a detailed plan on how to get there.

You need a road map

Now, I don’t believe in 5 year business plans. Because the business will change so much.

But I do believe in setting your goals and knowing with precise detail how your going to achieve that goal.

Most amateur business owners do something like this: ‘My goal is to make 500k by the end of 2020. I am going to put more money into marketing and hope it works.’

My team and I go through this process we call The 2020 People-First Plan in extreme detail, and we get amazing results from it.

We know exactly how we are going to achieve our goal.

Let’s say we want to get to 1 million by the end of 2020.

In order to get there we write out our monthly goals and the exact details of how and what we need to do to achieve that.

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It might look like this.

Details: January – Hire one person for operations, train the new hire on our culture, implement a new sales training system, create one new referral program, bring in 20 new clients (how is written in more detail), create stronger sales scripts, develop a relationship management process, run paid ads on Facebook.

Remember many of these I would go more in depth.

For example: what the person will do in operations, how we propose to bring in the 20 new clients, how much we aim to profit from those 20 clients, who will do the training with the new hire, how we will show our appreciation for the new hire on the first day (most important day of a hire) etc.

Details: February – Launch the referral program, hire a new sales person, bring in 30 new clients, create a loyalty program for VIP customers, create a better customer experience, train staff on company culture and core values, create our second referral program.
Every month we look at our numbers. Our churn rate (retention), profit and loss, our customer and employee happiness scores (should be above a 90 at all times), and our referral numbers. Basically, every system we have running is monitored daily and consistently.

Each month we work on fixing the holes and making things better.

We have a binder that the plan goes in and every day we look at the binder for each month to make sure we are on track to hit our goals.

So, we know exactly how we are going to get to that million dollars. When it starts to get hard we know exactly what to correct.

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You have to know exactly what to do, and how your going to do it and how amazing it will feel when you achieve it. This will ensure you reach your goal 50x faster.

Cheers to 2020 being your most amazing year yet!!

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