Changing Unconscious Programs

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SHANE JEREMY JAMES PRESENTING: Changing Unconscious Programs

Start Changing Unconscious Programs Today “Presenting the easiest way ever developed to tap into the most powerful part of the brain to maximize human potential.

Did you know that 95% of your thoughts are the same thoughts as the day before?

And those invisible thoughts of all kinds can cause everything from frustrations, depression, demotivation, fear, anxiety, anger, hate and a lot more. These same thoughts lead to the same behaviors each day, which lead to the same outcomes.

Right behind your forehead is the pre-frontal cortex – the centre of consciousness. Your identity versus anyone else’s identity. This is your conscious mind. The other 90% of the brain was there before the conscious part evolved, that’s the subconscious. In the subconscious, things happen below your awareness, below (or “sub”) consciousness.”

The fact is you can blame your unconscious programs for any unwanted habits and many of your goals and dreams not being achieved.

Learn how I stopped wasting time on the internet and rise at 4am each morning.

Conventional belief was that your life to a large degree was determined by your heredity. The new science of epigenetics (“above the genes”) says, no, your life is a result of your participation and your mind’s influence on what’s going on. – Bruce Lipton

When we are completely here in this moment, we are consciously creating our life. We can each cultivate this magic and train ourselves to develop these muscles.

This video reveals how to maximize your human potential and start changing unconscious programs.

Take full responsibility for how you might want your life to look like.💯💯

Comment below on what might be holding you back along the way!👇👇

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PS: I also believe the stronger a person’s mind the more love, compassion and joy they can bring to the world!!!

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