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December 2019

How I stopped wasting time on the Internet and rise at 4am

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Shane Jeremy James and the 4am routine

I can give a rough estimate of the minutes I was wasting just in the morning:

15 minutes watching Instagram and Facebook stories, 10 minutes spent reading tweets (trump is very entertaining), 10 minutes spent on Youtube videos, (while having breakfast, so this one isn’t as bad I suppose) 10 minutes spent reading tweets (trump is very entertaining) LOL 45 minutes, done.

And it’s just the morning. Without a doubt, I still love you friends. I just don’t watch your stuff near as much. (as an entrepreneur, I have big goals to achieve)

Waking up at 4 a.m. everyday is my key to success. (I am f….nuts)

Ok, the Rock Dwayne Johnston, Richard Branson, Jennifer Aniston, Michelle Obama, Mark Wahlberg I am trying your 4 a.m. routine. (after 5 months 7 days per week I am still alive) Actually Wahlberg does 3 a.m. daily.


At 4am no one else is awake yet, so I can get 100 more things done! (and still get family time in) By 6am my workouts complete and I have already got a bunch of work done (for me it’s definitely better than sleeping in until 7am)

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Oh, and when my day gets nuts I have no chance to miss my workout.

The truth is getting up at 4 a.m. has completely changed my life, it just adds many more hours to my day, it’s easier to knock things out first thing in the morning and

I’m really accomplishing so much more that is allowing me to focus on many different goals. And that level of productivity is what motives me to continue waking up at the crack of dawn.

To achieve bigger goals and many goals you need to devote relatively more time and energy to achieve them. (choose your time wisely)

I am happy to be alive and make most of my time.

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